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windows php include path not working

windows php include path not working. In order for Windows to run PHP code, the PHP binary files need to be Internet Information Services (IIS) 7 includes the FastCGI framework as part of If it is not, enable this feature and update your IIS 7 installation. Set the path to the php-cgi.exe executable located in the folder It solved my problem PHP include path problems - posted in Core Development (Archive) I am as only questions pertaining to Windows seem to get answered. Working with include paths in PHP can sometimes provide quite a challenge. This article uses Unix paths, not Microsoft Windows paths. I am having problems getting the first stage working though. zend set the absolute location path of webroot directory, example Windows Failed opening required Zend/Loader/Autoloader.php (include path . For this to work, PEAR s php dir must be a part of PHP s include path. First, check Your server is configured to not display any errors to the user/browser On Windows, recent versions of PHP use php.ini from their own directory (where php.exe is). To get PEAR working properly, you need to adjust PHP s include path. I would prefer that there is no predefined include path and to use all relative paths, //I have the windows version of xampp The php configuration file in XAMPP is here, xamppapachebinphp.ini if that is what you are wanting. ahh perhaps restarting apache was the problem, because I found that and  If the Yii framework folder is not inside the project folder Open File Project properties PHP Include Path and add the Yii framework root path. Ignore yiilite.php to This is phpunit.bat in Windows and usually /usr/bin/phpunit in Linux. Tweak the lines of your definitions if you encounter any problems. PHP s include/require functions fails for paths with “. See, the problem with that is that we ve been using these same relative paths for 4 years  I couldn t get castMyVote function to execute. It worked when I cast a vote in poll.php but not in index.php. I have ensure all php and js are in correct path. PHP include and require not working in ubuntu even after setting the include path. Below is my include path as shown by phpinfo() i developed a website on wampserver in windows after finishing the site and testing all the features i tried  If the file isn t found in the include path, include will finally check in the calling script s own directory and the current working directory before failing. Windows versions of PHP prior to PHP 4.3.0 do not support access of remote files via this  here is how to fix your include path problem. before we edit the php.ini file, you need to know that WAMP as two php.ini files, one for php4 and  At the moment i am facing a problem with the include path in php. For Propel to function correctly I need to add the build/classes directory to my include path as  includes/classes/db/mysql/query factory.php on line 100 3.4 Warning main(A similar problem can occur in any version of Zen Cart when  Except on some windows servers where relative paths can get a bit funky. or . In my understanding includes should not be done relative to the current working 


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